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Women’s Circles

The Otway Wellbeing Centre, Colac

An invitation to connect with like-minded woman, nurture yourself and tune into your inner world.

A Women’s Circle is a sacred, deeply held space for women to feel safe, supported, to be as they are, to share, to connect, to be heard and to listen.
A healed way of being with woman. Circling is something that we have practiced for much longer than we have not.

In circle we re-member how to listen through open hearts, practicing non-judgment and presence, healing the sisterhood wounds.
In circle we hear words spoken that offer self-reflection, re-weaving the web in red.
This space encourages you to be who you are with complete authenticity. To show up exactly as you are.

We will explore our menstrual cycle, the moon phases, the seasons, our life seasons and other Earth cycles and how we are woven within and without.
During our circles, practices included will be; guided grounding meditations, calling in the directions, sharing, song, dance, craft, intention setting and releasing rituals and guided drum journeys.

The intention is to re-connect and re-member our deep cyclical wisdom, to heal the sisterhood wounds and to learn to stand strong, as power-full women.


"My first women’s circle was a beautifully healing and nourishing experience. As a first timer I felt instantly welcomed and supported by the group. Michelle is a kind, strong and compassionate facilitator and the space she holds in honour of the Divine Feminine is lovingly reverent. I really enjoyed sharing and connecting with other women in a mutually supportive and safe environment. This is the first of many circles for me" ~Libby

"The space that is created by Michelle and Carly for women to connect, is not only a nourishing space, it is nourishing for the soul. Circling with like minded sisters, listening and sharing tapped into something so innately beautiful as a womban, that all womben should have the opportunity to experience it. If you have been thinking about it, make a commitment to yourself and come along, it is magickal and you won’t regret it." ~Noni

These circles run
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month

2020 & 2021

6:00pm till 8:00pm

Energy Exchange is $25 per person per circle

Currently held at The Otway Wellbeing Centre, Colac, Victoria

Please Book via the Connect button below

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Weaving the Cycles Workshop

The Otway Wellbeing Centre, Colac

All things are in a state of ebb and flow.

Here we stand, our feet on the earth, breathing in and breathing out. Mother Earth turning as we move through day and night. Spinning around the sun as we move through the seasons. The sun orbiting around the centre of the Milky Way, ebbing and flowing

within the microcosms and the macrocosms.

 Like a flower, the spiral of life moves through phases. Unfurling; budding, finding a moment of balance. As the balance tips tilting towards fullness, the flower has bloomed, fully unfurled. Then as its energy begins furling; blossoms wilt, finding another moment of balance, the flower is fruiting. Now resting in the void, the flower is a seed pod, its energy fully furled. Rebirth, the cycle repeats, the flower is unfurling once more though never the same as before.

As we spiral with our galaxy moving through the universe, our threads weave through the phases of the spiral of life.

We are deeply affected by these cycles, weaving in, around and through us. This workshop has been created as a way of connecting deeper with the Earth cycles, using the deck of Earth Medicine cards crafted by Michelle.

Practices included in this circle workshop will be a guided meditation, calling in the directions, knowledge sharing, embodiment dance and a guided drum journey.

The workshop will run for 3hrs.

We will learn of our entanglement within the old wild ways of Mother Earth and the Universe.

To learn more about the deck of cards we’ll be using click here.

This workshop will run as soon as the current restrictions allow

Fill out your details via the Connect button to be notified when circles are starting

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